Look for Me By Moonlight – Read It and Rate It

Look for Me By Moonlight
by Mary Downing Hahn
* * Stars (Just ok)

The library calls this book “reading after Twilight” but I call it re-reading Twilight. It’s a story about a teenage girl who visits her divorced father far away and meets and falls in love with a handsome and mysterious dude who happens to be a vampire. Hmmm…sound a bit familiar. The book was a pretty easy read but the writing style was terrible and it felt like I was reading a story a teenager thought of. There were quotes I was shocked to find because it’s no more than a Twilight quote with altered words. The author must have, how do they say, “had a few” when she wrote this story, because it’s not that good whatsoever! This was a total Twilight cliche! Don’t waste your time!

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