Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun – Read It and Rate It

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun (series) by Aidairo Adventure Fantasy Manga Mystery/Thriller Supernatural Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) OKAY. The name is weird, but the story is hilarious and interesting. I will promise you now that it won’t be about random bathroom jokes. The story has a main character of Hanako as the series implies. He is one of 7 ghosts in a school (as they are known, The 7 Mysteries). A girl named … Read more

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter – book review

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez Mystery Realistic Fiction (older teens) * * * Stars (Pretty good) When Julia’s (pronounced the Mexican/Spanish way – Who-lee-uh) older sister Olga is killed in a terrible accident, her whole family falls apart, becoming more dysfunctional (is that even possible?) than it was before. Julia, already suffering from depression and anxiety, and her mother deal with their individual pain by lashing out at one … Read more

Last to Die – Read It and Rate It

The Last to Die by Kelly Garrett Mystery Thriller Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) A teenage girl and her friend create a “game” to steal and break into each other’s houses that can be replaced. The teenage girl, Harper Jacobs, deals with a lot of family struggles and uses these break-ins as a coping mechanism. After overusing these criminal actions, someone shows up dead. I really enjoyed how well this book … Read more

Iron Trial – book review

The Iron Trial Magisterium #1 by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Fantasy Mystery Tween * * * * Stars (Great!) Callum Hunt is going to do his best to fail his entrance exam to the Magisterium. His father has warned him that magic is dangerous and the mages will try to kill him, and despite these warnings and his own fear and misgivings, he is taken on as an apprentice by one of the Masters. … Read more

That Weekend – Read It and Rate It

That Weekend by Kara Thomas Mystery Suspense Thriller Teen Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book will keep you on edge and make you keep guessing throughout the whole book. One weekend a group of three friends, Claire, Kat, and Jesse go to a lake house when some mysterious things happen. Claire is mad at Kat when they go to sleep the first night and when they wake up they all … Read more

Space Boy #11 – book review

Space Boy #11 by Stephen McCranie Graphic Novel Mystery Science Fiction Teen * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) The continuation of Oliver’s story as events upon the Arno unfold. His father secrets him inside the core to keep him safe while power systems all over the ship continue to fail. When Oliver can wait no longer for his family to join him, he climbs out and discovers that he’s completely alone. What could have … Read more

Winter’s Promise – book review

A Winter’s Promise The Mirror Visitor #1 by Christelle Dabos (translated from the French by Hildegarde Serle) Fantasy Mystery Teen * * * * Stars (Great!) Ophelia isn’t pleased when she’s informed of her arranged marriage that will take her away from the work she loves – running her family’s museum and reading the pasts of objects by handling them. Her fiancé unceremoniously whisks her away to his family’s ark at the Pole where she’s … Read more

Witch Alone – book review

A Witch Alone Apprentice Witch #2 by James Nicol Fantasy Juvenile Fiction Mystery Tween Young Adult Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Arianwyn’s experience with the forgotten glyphs brings her to the attention of the High Elder, who wants her to go on a quest to retrieve a special book that is supposed to contain more of them. Although Arianwyn will have companions, they aren’t allowed to reveal the true purpose of their mission. … Read more

Space Boy (series) – book review

Space Boy (series) by Stephen McCranie Graphic Novel Mystery Realistic Fiction Science Fiction Teen Tween * * * * * Stars (Amazing) When Amy’s father loses his job at the mine, the family is forced to leave the mining colony and return to Earth – a journey that will require them to be cryogenically frozen (so they will not age) and will take 30 years. By the time they arrive, Amy’s best friend Jemma will … Read more

Companion – book review

The Companion by Katie Alender Mystery Suspense Thriller Teen * * * Stars (Pretty good) After a terrible car accident leaves Margot an orphan, she is taken in by a wealthy family who knew her father. Thinking she has found a new home, Margot discovers that her role is different than she expected. The Suttons’ hospitality is conditional. They expect Margot to be a companion to their teenage daughter, Agatha, who has a mysterious illness … Read more