Mars One – book review

Mars One
by Jonathan Maberry
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Tristan and his family are part of the Mars One mission – something they signed up for as a family a long time ago. They’ll be among the first colonists to go to Mars. And when they do, they’ll be leaving Earth and all of its entanglements behind forever. Tristan will have to leave his friends, and most particularly his girlfriend, Izzy (Isolde). Although they’ll be able to send messages, it won’t be the same, and they’re both resigned to it, knowing things can’t last forever. That might be tolerable, except for this publicity/reality tv show thing that’s documenting every detail of their heartbreaking parting. It is The.Worst. But it also means they’ll be incredibly wealthy when it’s over and Izzy and Tristan can use the money to better their futures (Tristan plans to start a Foundation to grow and give his wealth to others that can use it, since he won’t need money where he’s going). But behind the smokescreen of all of this relationship drama are some concerning things – a secret Mars mission launched by the Chinese way before Mars One gets off the ground that’s become incommunicado, and an organization that doesn’t seem to believe in human expansion beyond the stars. Tristan and his mother are amazing engineers/mechanics, and the details of their problem-solving exploits are riveting. The long-distance relationship thing is doomed from the start, but for anyone considering being a Mars colonist, it could be a legitimate concern! Once the launch is go, there’s lots of suspense. For high school teens.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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