Memory of Light – book review

The Memory of Light
by Francisco X. Stork
Realistic Fiction
(audio edition)
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)

Vicky Cruz is just going through the motions of her life when she decides to take it. Her suicide attempt fails, but it lands her at Lakeview Hospital where she meets Dr. Desai and several other troubled teens who she can relate to (and who understand her) much better than anyone she knows. Through her interactions with them, Vicky starts to understand herself much better, slowly coming to terms with the motivations behind her desire to kill herself. Less understanding are her dad and her stepmother. They want the best for Vicky, but their ideas of what that looks like are radically different from Vicky’s. If she wants to get better, and have a chance at life, she’ll have to learn to navigate the rocky waters of balancing her needs and wants against others’ good intentions.

A poignant look at depression with strong, sensitive characters from a variety of backgrounds. Realistic and hopeful.

Reviewed by YA Librarian


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