Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

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monsters love colors.jpg

Picture Book Monsters love colors AND really busy pages with scribbles and onomatopoeia! Starting out with the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) the monsters enthusiastically mix their favorite colors to make new ones (orange, green, purple, and RAINBOW), giving the new colors to smaller, gray monsters who don’t have any of their own. Rainbow deviates a bit from the formula, since mixing all the colors would likely make brown, but it makes for a more colorful, exciting ending. I liked the parts where the primary colored monsters described their colors best: “Red is the color of ROAR! and SNORE! and MORE! MORE! MORE!” Wish they’d done this for ALL the colors. The rhyming text is catchy and will encourage kids to repeat all the words they hear: “PROWL!” “HOWL!” “GROWL! GROWL! GROWL!” This would make a fun read aloud. * * * Stars Reviewed by Karin Thogersen, YA Librarian

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