Oh So Tiny Bunny – book review

Oh So Tiny Bunny
by David Kirk
Picture book
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Oh So Tiny Bunny is a very small bunny who knows how to dream BIG. In his dreams he is a MEGA bunny and his world is filled with appropriately super-sized bun accoutrements (enormous fields of lettuce, and clover and carrots the size of trees). No other bunnies, though, so he is lonely until a bunny friend wakes him gently from his slumber. “Oh So Tiny Bunny” cracked me up, but I wasn’t a fan of the illustrations. I would have preferred something that either skewed toward the Bunzilla (rampaging through Tokyo, of course), or a cuter, more realistic bunny (lose the pajamas and the huge blue eyes?). He’s rather terrifying in a kewpie sort of way (not good). I love the illustration of Oh So’s loneliness, though, which is SO big. Nooooo! This would make a fun read-aloud.

Excerpt: He hops over houses. He bounds over bridges. He leaps over green hills and valleys. But no matter where Oh So looks… there is no bunny. Oh So feels, oh so very lonely. And his loneliness is SO big.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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