Newsbank Special Reports – Global News In One Place

NewsBank’s Special Reports are news articles, images, videos, maps and other useful content grouped for convenience under specific topics and themes. Easily accessible within NewsBank resources, they enable users to quickly locate information on a specific subject while helping them gain better insight into current global issues and events. Each Report features current and retrospective coverage, and new articles are added daily.

Subjects include:

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15)
  • Constitution Day (9/17)
  • Terrorism and Conflict
  • Issues in the News
  • Natural Disasters
  • World Health
  • World Economics
  • World Environment
  • World Politics and Government

Learn how to find NewsBank Special Reports with this tutorial:

How To: Find and Use Special Reports from NewsBank on Vimeo.

Visit NewsBank using this link and enter the barcode from your Huntley Area Public Library card at the login prompt to begin using this resource.

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