Only the Mountains Do Not Move: A Maasai Story of Culture and Conservation by Jan Reynolds

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The Maasai are a group of semi-nomadic people who live in Kenya and Tanzania. In the past they traveled thousands of miles with their herds, following rain and growing seasons and seeking out new pastures for their animals. They do not believe in land ownership. Their way of life has had to change with modern times, however. Other people and practices have required them to reduce their grazing territory and herds and adopt new ideas and traditions (small-scale sustainable farming, tourism, etc.) in order to survive. While the Maasai are embracing these changes, they wonder what the future will bring. Jan Reynolds introduces the Maasai people and their culture in this accessible book. Readers will begin to learn about the Maasai through the activities of a family with who Reynolds became close. Bright photographs and smiling Maasai are welcoming and add interest. A positive look at how the Maasai are successfully maintaining their culture and beliefs as they adapt to changes in their environment. Kids interested in other cultures will enjoy this book. * * * * Stars Reviewed by Karin Thogersen, Young Adult Librarian

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