I Have Lived a Thousand Years

December 20, 2017

I Have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Bitton Jackson Non-Fiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) This book was about a young Jewish girl trying to survive the Holocaust.  It tells of the horrors that went on and gives a first-person, inside view of everything that went on while she was there with her mother.  This book reminds us of how horrible man can be.


I Will Always Write Back

November 16, 2017

I Will Always Write Back by Caitlin Alifirenka & Martin Ganda (w/Liz Welch) Autobiography-Memoir Non-fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) When Caitlin was 12, she was given the opportunity to choose a pen pal from another country.  She picked Zimbabwe because it sounded “like the beginning of an adventure.”  She and her pen pal, Martin Ganda, began exchanging letters, and over the years became best friends despite the many…


Crossing Niagara

August 11, 2017

Crossing Niagara by Matt Tavares Nonfiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Crossing Niagara is a nonfiction story about a guy named (called) Great Blondin.  He crossed Niagara on a 3 inch wide rope and never fell.  He did many tricks, including carrying a man on his back and standing on a chair.  He finally left Niagara because he felt there was nothing left to accomplish.


Who Was Walt Disney

June 13, 2017

Who Was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart Biography Nonfiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) Who Was Walt Disney tells about Walt Disney.  His whole life story.  Why I liked this book is because it told little facts that I had never known or heard of before.  This book tells how Walt Disney became one of the most popular companies, business, theme parks, and so much more…  …


Who Was Rosa Parks?

November 14, 2016

Who Was Rosa Parks? by Yona Zeldis McDonough Biography Juvenile Nonfiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) Rosa Parks was an amazing woman who stood up for what she believed in.  One day when she was on a bus, the bus driver told her to move to give her seat to another man on the bus.  Rosa Parks replied, “NO.”  So the bus driver called the police.  She…


Who Was Joan of Arc?

November 14, 2016

Who Was Joan of Arc? by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso Biography Juvenile Nonfiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) When Joan was a young girl she got a vision that she would lead an army into battle and would win.  Joan thought it was impossible…Later she was leading the army into battle.  She got another vision saying she would be hit with an arrow during battle.  And…


Wasps at Home by Bianca Lavies

Juvenile Nonfiction/Grades 4-8 Bianca Lavies, a former photographer for National Geographic, produced both the text and photographs for this wonderful introduction to social wasps.  To take the photographs, she spent a couple of summers with some paper wasps that nested in her studio window – building a glass enclosure around their nest and photographing it and the wasps’ activities from all angles.  For readers familiar with the life cycle of…

April 21, 2014

Stardines Swim High Across the Sky and Other Poems By Jack Prelutsky

Jack Prelutsky’s poetic field guide to some neologistic creatures – carefully documented in the collages created by artist, Carin Berger – offers much to delight.  From the titular “Stardines” which light the night skies and grant wishes, to the ChOrMOranTs who spend all their time engaged in pointless (but very important to them!) tasks (CHORES), and the “Fountain Lions” (“FOUNTAIN LIONS, lithe and lean, Add gaiety to any scene.  The…

April 14, 2014

Look Up! Bird-watching in Your Own Backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate

Annette LeBlanc Cate is an enthusiastic amateur bird-watcher who shares her passion for our feathered friends with a young audience in this introduction to bird-watching. Using goofy cartoon birds (who have something to say about EVERYTHING) she explains how to find and identify birds, how field guides work, how birds are classified, and much, much more. All you need to get started are your eyes and ears – pay attention…

April 3, 2013

For the Birds: The Life of Roger Tory Peterson by Peggy Thomas

Biography Nonfiction Most kids will not be familiar with Roger Tory Peterson – I didn’t learn about him until I took an ornithology class in college, but Peggy Thomas really brings this artist, naturalist, and bird-lover to life – his passion for birds is clear throughout this eye-catchingly illustrated children’s biography. He used a system of field marks (indicating size, shape, notable markings, voice, range, etc.) to help fledgling birders…

March 20, 2013