Opposite of Love – Read It and Rate It

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Opposite of Love
by Sarah Lynn Scheerger
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
I honestly thought this book could have been better. First of all, it is definitely a romance novel if I ever saw one, because it talks about love and how they met and the struggles of their relationship and all that. You could probably find that in any romance book. I also liked the part where he created a bond with his dad, Walter, even though he was abusive and mean to him as a kid, but I think the author should have left some things out. First of all at the end apparently Rose randomly gets pregnant and it’s Chase’s baby! I honestly did not like that part at all.  It was unnecessary to the plot and just was weird. Also I think she should have incorporated some of her side characters more. She kind of just mentioned them, gave them a few lines and then forgot about them.  Becca and Daniel should have been more involved. This book was pretty good and I would recommend it to anyone who liked Paper Towns (John Green). 

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