Maze Runner – Read It and Rate It

Maze Runner
Maze Runner #1
by James Dashner
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
It’s a life or death situation as people are doing an experiment on a big group of people. It never stops for these guys. I liked this book because it showed great emotion. 

Review #2
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Thomas, the main character wakes up in an elevator and has no memory of before. Thomas joins a group of boys called the Glade. The Glade is run by two boys, Alby and Newt, who set strict rules for the rest of the boys. The Glade is inside a maze and the boys must run through that maze to get free. One day a girl is delivered through the elevator and this makes everything change. The creatures in the maze are called Grievers and they kill off the lads one by one. Thomas finds out the puzzle of the maze and they finally can do something about it. 

Review #3
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Thomas woke up in the box with no memory at all. Then, he’s in the Glade, a huge square of land surrounded by a maze. Thomas meets Chuck and they instantly become friends, but Thomas has this feeling that he has to become a runner. Someone who runs around in the maze trying to find a way out. Will Thomas become a runner, find a way out of the maze, and get revenge on the creatures who trapped them in the Glade? 

Review #4
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Thomas arrives in a strange place. He has no memory of his previous life. He becomes a part of the group there and gets promoted to Runner – a person who tries to find a route to escape. He tries to convince everyone he knows a way out. I really liked the characters and the plot of the book. 

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