Project Mulberry – Read It and Rate It

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Project Mulberry
by Linda Sue Park
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
Project Mulberry is about 2 kids that do a project on silkworms for a club called the Wiggle Club that has to do with farming. The main character is Julia Song, and her role in the story is doing the project with her friend Patrick. Other characters are Patrick, Julia’s parents, Kenny, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Maxwell. I disliked the book because it wasn’t interesting.

Review #2
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
This book is a very interesting and funny explaining cultural differences.  It is about a school project and two friends can’t decide what animal to raise.  They eventually choose silkworms.  The challenge now is to find food for the silkworms.  This book is awesome for people who love animals and the raising of them.