PS I Still Love You – Read It and Rate It

P.S. I Still Love You
To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before series, book #2
by Jenny Han
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * Stars (Just ok)

Lara Jean navigates the dos and don’ts in her relationship with Peter Kavinsky. Lara and Peter were just pretending. Until they weren’t. One day, five of Lara’s love letters she had written when she was overwhelmed by her crushes were sent to each of her crushes. To avoid having embarrassing and awkward conversations with each of them, she decides to run up to Peter, the jock, her 7th grade crush, and…kiss him. That’s where she fell for Peter. But when another boy from her past suddenly writes her back, Lara’s feelings for him return. Can she be in love with two boys at once? Read the book to find out!

This book made for a pretty good read, since the romance between Lara Jean and Peter was realistic this time. I feel that Lara Jean and Peter act in completely unrealistic ways. I love how this book shows the aftermath of a whirlwind romance – the what comes after the “happily ever after” – which many romances don’t. For high school teens and adults.

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