Rump – Read It and Rate It

Rump: The Fairly True Story of Rumpelstiltskin
by Lisel Shurtliff

Review #1
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
Rump doesn’t know his whole name, but he can spin straw into gold. Because of this power, he gets into a lot of trouble and many messes. I like this book because it is exciting and fun.

Review #2
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
It is about a boy named Rump, but that is not his real name. He does not know his real name, well, that is what he is trying to find out. Also he is trying to find god to get food for him and his grandma. He also meets this girl named Red and they do a lot of things together. If you want more, read the book! I liked the book. It was interesting and just a really good book that you don’t want to put down! 

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