Vampire High – Read It and Rate It

Vampire High by Douglas Rees Supernatural Review #1 * * Stars (Just ok) This book is about a boy named Cody Elliot, who ends up being sent to a school of vampire kids. There wasn’t really a plot. The characters, however, were really unique. Cody befriends two vampire kids that have to explain to him the way of the jenti (vampire) and the way of the jodje (human). All at the same time, Cody feels … Read more

New Moon – Read It and Rate It

New Moon Twilight series #2 by Stephenie Meyer Fantasy Romance Review # 1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This is the sequel to Twilight, also by Stephenie Meyer. Like in the first book, the characters are very easy to relate to. When Edward’s brother Jasper almost kills Bella at her 18th birthday, Edward decides to leave Bella alone for her own good. Alone and heartbroken, Bella must deal with her loss and stay … Read more