Line – book review

The Line
by Teri Hall
Juvenile Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

More, more, more!!! That’s what I wanted after finishing “The Line” by Teri Hall. In this dystopian tale, Rachel learns that the area known as “Away” used to be a part of her own country. This area was shut off completely from the rest of civilization as a protection against a nuclear attack. Everyone living there was left to live or die on their own, without assistance from the government of the Unified States. Generations later, Rachel and her mother, formerly an anti-government collaborator, are living a quiet and unobtrusive life, when Rachel receives a message from across the Line. At the same time, trouble reappears at their door, and Rachel and her mother receive help from an unexpected source. Is it safer for them to stay or to Cross the Line?

Grade level recommendation: 4-8 Lexile: unavailable

Review by Anne Kunzen, Youth Services Staff

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