Wizard’s First Rule – Read It and Rate It

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Wizard’s First Rule
Sword of Truth series #1
by Terry Goodkind
Science Fiction
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)

This book was amazing! It’s about a guy named Richard and he’s walking in the woods when he sees this girl being chased. So he saves her and finds out her name is Kahlen and she’s a Confessor. The book is about the adventures they have to go on to save the Midlands from the evil King/ruler, Lord Rahl, and his dark magic from the Underworld. It’s a long novel and has a lot of fighting and some graphic torture scenes. But this should not stop you from reading this epic adventure and great love story. It is in a series of books called The Sword of Truth series. There’s also a new TV show based off the series and it’s called The Seeker. It’s a great book and series and is a book that everyone that loved Eragon or Harry Potter will love.