April is National Poetry Month!

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You can celebrate National Poetry Month by signing up to receive a poem every day this April from Knopf Publishing. (SEND ME POEMS)

Poets.org also has a poem-a-day subscription feature (or you can just read a new poem every day on their website). (SEND ME MOAR POEMS)

Challenge yourself to write a poem every day this month like the folks who started NaPoWriMo.net (National Poetry Writing Month – like National Novel Writing Month/NaNoWriMo, but for poems).

Want to share something you’ve written? Submit it to the library’s quarterly teen publication, Teen Zine. (ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM)

Or rearrange the magnetic poetry on your refrigerator! (Or play with it HERE if you don’t have a set. I used the Nature set to create the poem on this page.)