Chilling Tales Contest

Please enjoy the entries we received for our Chilling Tales Contest (January 2023)!  The challenge was open to teens (grades 6-12), who had to write a horrifying tale in just TWO sentences. Which one is your favorite? Example: I awoke to a susurration emanating from the closet, ghastly whispers behind the mirrored doors. Cautiously, I sat up in my bed, covers pulled up close to my chest, focusing my limited vision on my blurry image, … Read more

Library Limericks Contest

Teens (grades 6-12) had an opportunity to write a library-themed limerick for National Library Week. Library staff chose their favorite limerick from submissions received and our winner is… Andrew H.! Congratulations! What’s a limerick, anyway? A limerick is a 5-line rhyming poem – usually humorous – following these guidelines: Line 1: 7-10 syllables (last word rhymes with last words in lines 2 & 5) Line 2: 7-10 syllables (last word rhymes with last words in … Read more

Blackout Poetry Contest

Create a “blackout” poem by crossing out words on a book page and leaving behind only the ones that make up your poem. Photocopied book pages are available at the Information Desk, or you may use one of your own (make a photocopy – don’t tear it out!). Submit your poem using the entry form below (or pick up an entry form at the Information Desk) by April 30, 2019. If using the form below, … Read more

Dreams – by Shreya S.

Can you hear the calling? Urging you to pursue your dreams? Can’t you tell that it is tempting? To believe that everything is not what it seems? Why won’t you go to the voices? And hear what they have to say? They could change your life, In an unexpected way. It could lead you far away, To a land never known. Here you can make the future, And the journey your own. Go, and bring … Read more

Fear – by Sumbul S.

Fear by Sumbul S. My name is Fear.  I am hidden like the moon on a frigid, eerie night. The deepest darkest secret inside. I bring torture upon those who turn from me. I am comprised of many unique faces and personalities. Some ugly, black and red; others bright, sunny yellows and grassy greens. I approach when least anticipated; plodding, voiceless, ever-so-carefully like a predator and its prey. Always chasing you; there is no escaping. … Read more