Teen Try Its: Table Tennis Gallery (July 2023)

Table tennis? In the library?! Yes! We opened up the our event space and learned the basics of table tennis, then worked on our skills as we challenged one another to matches. Our teen participants did great! Extra library staff were recruited to provide them with additional opponents, but did not fare well! 🙂 Enjoy some photos from the event below:

Teen Try Its: Henna Gallery (June 2023)

Teens used henna to create temporary body art in this fun program. They also each received a custom henna design courtesy of our visiting artist, Rebecca Huston (Heathen Ink Tattoo). While waiting for their henna to dry (or to receive their designs), they created nylon tattoo sleeves. Here are some photos from the event:

Teen/Adult Try Its: Pour Painting Gallery (June 2023)

Teens and adults tried pour painting under the guidance of instructor and expert doodler Jen Keller (The Oodlearium). It was a messy, delicious, creative time and everyone made something unique! Take a gander at some photos from the event:

Cherry Blossom Watercolor Gallery (April 2023)

Using watercolor pencils, a reference image, and a clever pencil transfer technique for tracing the image, teens created their own cherry blossom masterpieces in watercolor. Even though they were all working from the same image, everyone’s turned out different. See their creations below:

Knitting Basics (March 2023) Gallery

Teens learned to knit this month in a series of 3 classes covering some knitting basics: yarn and needle selection, casting on, knit stitch, adding rows, binding off. We didn’t *quite* meet our goal of completing a scarf, but participants made some good progress on their projects! Our knitting instructors included library staff and a volunteer from The Fray (the library’s adult stitchery club). Photos from one of our classes below:

K-Pop Dance Party (March 2023) Gallery

Teens (and some brave adults) learned some choreography to BTS’s “Dynamite,” this March (2023) from Melanie Andersen, dance instructor (Turning Pointe Academy of Dance in Elgin). Everyone picked it up really quickly and challenged themselves at the end of class to speed things up – double time – with some hilarious results. Check out some photos from the event below!

K-Pop Dance Party (November 2022)

Dance instructor, Melanie Andersen (from Turning Pointe Academy of Dance in Elgin) led us through some choreography to the chorus of Nayeon’s “POP!” this November, and our teen participants were up to the challenge! (Their YA Librarian counterpart will probably be practicing at 75% for the foreseeable future.) It was a fun class and we all got a good workout. Check out some photos below. We hope to do this again soon!

VIP Community Story Time with the Huntley Fire Protection District

We’d like to thank Lieutenant Kelly and her Fireman friends for the amazing Family Story Time in the Park today. We had such a fun time. We got to listen to Lt Kelly’s favorite stories, dance around with Miss Charise, and Lt Kelly’s Fireman friends brought over the firetruck for us to enjoy.


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