Teen/Adult Try Its: Pour Painting Gallery (June 2023)

Teens and adults tried pour painting under the guidance of instructor and expert doodler Jen Keller (The Oodlearium). It was a messy, delicious, creative time and everyone made something unique! Take a gander at some photos from the event:

Cherry Blossom Watercolor Gallery (April 2023)

Using watercolor pencils, a reference image, and a clever pencil transfer technique for tracing the image, teens created their own cherry blossom masterpieces in watercolor. Even though they were all working from the same image, everyone’s turned out different. See their creations below:

Teen Try Its: Encaustic Art Gallery (June 2023)

Local artist Kathie Collinson of Collinson Fine Art taught a class in the library’s Creative Studio on encaustic painting (for teens), where they learned how to create artworks using the ancient art of melted wax. Kathie guided participants through the process and everyone was able to create their own artwork. Check out photos from the event below:  

Knitting Basics (March 2023) Gallery

Teens learned to knit this month in a series of 3 classes covering some knitting basics: yarn and needle selection, casting on, knit stitch, adding rows, binding off. We didn’t *quite* meet our goal of completing a scarf, but participants made some good progress on their projects! Our knitting instructors included library staff and a volunteer from The Fray (the library’s adult stitchery club). Photos from one of our classes below:

Holiday Bake-stravaganza (December 2021)

Adults and teens explored their creative baking skills with our Holiday Bake-stravaganza take home kits (December 2021). The kit included a potholder and a basic cookie dough recipe that could be dressed up multiple ways – from oatmeal raisin to a hazelnut chocolate! If you missed out on the kits, you can get a copy of the recipe here. Happy baking! Bake-stravaganza Gallery:  

Vampire Gourds (October 2021)

Teens (grades 6-12) can pick up a Teen Take Home kit starting September 20, 2021, and create their own vampire gourd. Kits include a gourd, some vampire teeth, and red push pins, and will be available at the library’s Information Desk while supplies last! 1 kit per teen. If you would like to share your creations with us, you can submit photos using the form below. We’d love to see what you made and will … Read more