Craft Wars: Book Nooks Gallery (July 2023)

There was a good registration for the return of our Craft Wars series, but only one teen was actually able to make it, so it was more of a Craft Duel! We didn’t share what we were creating until the end, and it was surprising to learn that we both incorporated tree/forest elements into our book nooks. What IS a book nook? It’s like a diorama that shows a scene of some kind (your choice, … Read more

Teen Try Its: Collage Gallery (July 2023)

Teens got serious about collage in this class – and were so focused you could hear a pin drop! Collage is a fun, mixed-media art form that can combine all kinds of different art techniques to produce an end product that is truly unique. Several participants were inspired enough to collect some extra supplies to take home, so they could continue working on their projects. Things got messy! See some of their artwork below:

Teen Try Its: Table Tennis Gallery (July 2023)

Table tennis? In the library?! Yes! We opened up the our event space and learned the basics of table tennis, then worked on our skills as we challenged one another to matches. Our teen participants did great! Extra library staff were recruited to provide them with additional opponents, but did not fare well! 🙂 Enjoy some photos from the event below:

Teen Try Its: Henna Gallery (June 2023)

Teens used henna to create temporary body art in this fun program. They also each received a custom henna design courtesy of our visiting artist, Rebecca Huston (Heathen Ink Tattoo). While waiting for their henna to dry (or to receive their designs), they created nylon tattoo sleeves. Here are some photos from the event:

Teen/Adult Try Its: Pour Painting Gallery (June 2023)

Teens and adults tried pour painting under the guidance of instructor and expert doodler Jen Keller (The Oodlearium). It was a messy, delicious, creative time and everyone made something unique! Take a gander at some photos from the event: