Dark Lord Clementine – book review

The Dark Lord Clementine
by Sarah Jean Horowitz
Juvenile Fiction
YA Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

12-year-old Clementine is going to be the next Dark Lord Morcerous, after her father Elithor. And while she’s received endless instruction in her future responsibilities, her heart, her nature aren’t exactly suited to being really evil. To make matters worse, her father has been cursed by a power-hungry witch who intends to force him to cede his lands and title to her. He and his magic are slowly being whittled away. Clementine tries to keep their farm going (they grow poisonous apples and raise nightmares, etc.) while her father attempts to break the curse, but neither one of them is doing particularly well. Clementine finds unexpected friends in the forest (Darka, a unicorn hunter, and a whole camp of hedge witches), as well as a bunch of boys from town who are eager to help out once she promises to make them knights. She will need all of them when the witch makes her move.

A wonderful and funny fantasy with a delightful protagonist, Clementine blossoms as soon as she embraces her true nature.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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