D&D Dungeon Club: Roll Call – book review

D&D Dungeon Club: Roll Call
by Molly Knox Ostertag and Xanthe Bouma
Graphic Novel
Realistic Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Jess and Olivia have been best friends for a long time and have been playing D&D together for much of that time. Now that they’re in 8th grade, Olivia has a plan to start a D&D club at school and bring in other folks to join the campaign. Jess is NOT on board with that at all. She feels that their game world is a special place just for them. When Tyler joins their group, Jess is initially VERY hostile toward him, but discovers that the game is actually more fun with more people. Unfortunately, a school bully convinces her otherwise and she resolves to do something about it that hurts everyone. How can she fix things? And will Tyler and Olivia ever forgive her? Jess’ growing pains are a bit squirm-worthy, but she eventually finds a way out of the mess that she’s in – realistically. Some nice D&D touches along the way (like with character profiles scattered throughout for both D&D creatures/characters as well as the real life (well, real ones in this story world). For grades 6-8.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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