Dog Who Could Fly – Read It and Rate It

The Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-Legged Hero Who Flew at His Side
by Damien Lewis

Review #1
* * * * * (Amazing!)

In the winter of 1939-40, a French pilot and his Czech gunner are shot down over the German front lines while trying to gather photos for reconnaissance. Robert needs to find shelter, and fast: Pierre’s leg is bleeding and he is in considerable pain. Scouting the surroundings, Robert finds an abandoned farmhouse – or is it?

“From behind him came the distinct and eerie suggestion of snuffling…”

Frantic and with nerves considerably on edge, he spends the next few minutes stalking the person in the house. However, when he finally tracks down the culprit, he couldn’t have been more surprised than he was.

“He’d just spent a good few minutes stalking and yelling out threats at a tiny little puppy dog…” and a few minutes later: “and the puppy was totally smitten. It nestled closer to Robert’s chest, its nose wrinkling contentedly and its eyes scrunched in delight.”

And thus begins a friendship that will last the entirety of the war; through many missions and escapades, and even a daring escape out of Czechoslovakia… Robert will do anything to keep his beloved dog with him, even going against blatant RAF rules, and facing down numerous people who are determined to either take or kill his new friend. As for the dog, Ant, he finds in Robert the only master he will ever accept, and the one he will never leave. Ever.

The war will test the patience, loyalty, and physical endurance of both Robert and his dog.

This was a very well written book for those who enjoy diving into WWII history, canine lovers, or simply someone who is looking for a non-fiction book that still holds the reader’s attention. The story was definitely intriguing, a story that never came to public light for many reasons (listed in the prologue). Definitely a must-read. For high school teens and adults.

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