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Twilight series #3
by Stephenie Meyer

Review # 1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
I liked this book because it was fantastic. It has adventure, fantasy, romance, and suspense all in one. I liked the part when Bella and Edward are camping during the battle and Victoria comes. I was happy Victoria died in this book, because I’ve been very anxious to know since book 1 Twilight. I think everyone will enjoy it. Eclipse was a fantastic book.

Review # 2
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Eclipse is about how Edward and Bella reunite and Bella finds out that Victoria, James’ mate, is after her. Bella then realizes that she loves Jacob, too, and must choose between Jacob and Edward. Victoria and her army then fight against the Cullens and the werewolves. Edward, Bella, and Seth all hide out to protect Bella. Victoria finds them and Edward kills her. Riley, Victoria’s mate, is killed by Seth. Then Edward proposes to Bella and Jacob gets very depressed, but because he loves Bella he wants her to be happy.

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