Ember in the Ashes – Read It & Rate It

An Ember in the Ashes
by Sabaa Tahir
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * * .5 Stars (Great!)
An Ember in the Ashes is a great book that I would definitely recommend to anyone.  No matter what genre you prefer, you will enjoy this book.  This book has the crazy imagination of science fiction books.  It has the emotion found in romance books.  It has the mystery that keeps your eyes glued to the book.  It even has a pink of horror, that keeps your heart racing.  Lastly, it has my favorite genre, adventure.  The book is full of adventure that really makes the book special.  No matter what you like and what your tastes are you will enjoy this book.  An Ember in the Ashes is about two people who share the same destiny finally meeting each other.  They both are two very different people.  One is a scholar slave whose entire family was killed in a raid, and is disguised as a spy for rebels so she can get help releasing her brother who is the only thing she has left.  Her name is Laia.  The other is the best warrior at a school made specifically to train warriors.His name is Elias and he is currently fighting to the death in a series of challenges to become the next Martial King.  This book’s setting is in the Martial Empire, a fictional empire that conquered the Scholars 500 years ago and kept them as slaves.  Laia’s older sister and parents were all killed when they were leading the rebels against the Martial Empire.  Laia and her slightly older brother have been raised by their grandparent, who also died during a Martial Raid for the past seventeen years.  Elias’ mom is the head of the Academy Elias goes to.  Elias has no idea who his father even is and he was abandoned by his mother the moment he was born.  A group of villagers raised him until the age of six.  After that the academy kidnapped him and took him away where he met Hellene.  She and him became best friends.  His grandfather also found out about Elias.  Elias’ grandfather is very strict, but Elias and him are very close.  Elias’ Mom hates him and her father (Elias’ grandfather).  Both of the protagonists have lived difficult lives.  Read the book to know the rest of the story and to find out what happens to Elias and Laia.

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