Felix Yz – book review

Felix Yz
by Lisa Bunker
Science Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

In an experiment gone horribly wrong, Felix simultaneously lost his father and was fused with an alien being from the fourth dimension. They communicate via keyboard – Zyx uses Felix’s fingers to type what vo (Zyx’s and Felix’s grandperson’s pronoun) wants to say. Now, Felix is about to undergo a kind of “surgery” to uncouple him from Zyx, and he’s scared that the procedure won’t work. Over the years, school and friends have been a challenge because Felix can’t really tell anyone the truth about his condition, so a lot of people assume that he’s mentally and physically disabled (and either avoid or make fun of him). But now, just when things are most terrifying, he makes a new friend, Hector, and finds himself falling for him. Will he survive? And what will life after Zyx be like?

This was a times a very strange read, but Felix-Zyx fusion problem was rather interesting. I wish there had been more about Zyx, but perhaps a fourth dimensional being is in some ways UNknowable to us three dimensional ones.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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