Long Distance – book review

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Long Distance
by Whitney Gardner
Graphic Novel
Science Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Vega’s dads have just moved their family to Seattle, Washington, and they’re sending Vega to camp so she can make some new friends. Vega isn’t super keen on this idea. Although she misses her bff, Halley, Vega doesn’t think she needs any more friends in her life. Camp Very Best Friend is definitely weird. The counselors are creepily cheerful and the other campers don’t seem all that interested in meeting new people – except for George and Qwerty who are both socially awkward in their own ways. The more time they spend at camp, the more suspicious the campers become. Where are they really? What is actually going on? How can they get home? In their efforts to answer these questions, they do become friends in the end. This is what happens when lonely aliens try to meet their social needs. A campy fun mystery about friends and friendship.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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