Gender Queer – book review

Gender Queer: A Memoir 
By Maia Kobabe
Graphic Novel
* * * * Stars (Great!) 

This is Maia Kobabe’s graphical memoir of eir (e uses e/em/eir pronouns) journey to self-discovery as a nonbinary, asexual person. It took some time for em to find the language to describe what e felt/was experiencing, and how to explain it to others (this book is part of that process), as well as a supportive community and others who had or were going through the same struggle. Finding other options and other ways of expressing emself relieved the suffocating feelings of wrongness that the gender binary engendered. Maia shares eir very personal story (from childhood through young adulthood) – including eir thoughts and feelings – to help others understand what this has been like for em. Some have taken eir descriptions/depictions of sex acts and fantasies out of context, when they are meant to add to the whole picture of how Maia knows emself. Very relatable as a coming of age, story of self-discovery, and important for other nonbinary/questioning folks to read and know they are not alone. For older teens (16+) and adults.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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