Gone – by Sumbul S.

by Sumbul S.

I didn’t realize how much I care for you until you left.

I deeply miss you.

I took you for granted,

Thinking you’d stay.

We’ll meet once more someday.
Happiness, like a mirror, staring back at you.

It never lasts long.
It was a peaceful darkness.

Sitting there with my family, on the welcoming couch,

Having an excellent time. A faultless summer evening.

It was the phone.

Its angry roar broke the delicate reflection.

Mom picked it up, readily speaking –

when her face turned grim I knew.

Dreading the truth

My antipathy for them great.

They give rise to what used to be,

Bring anguish upon shattered souls,

And never regret.

Day by day bringing sorrow.

Though they’re not alone,

Pictures are the wicked accomplice,

Making it agonizing to disregard. Conveying faulty messages

Smirking, holding hands.
I remember…

We used to smile and giggle.

You’d always bring me something extraordinary,

I neverk new you gave your final gift to give.

I know you suffered a lot in this world,

Thinking about you everyday,

I’ll in no way forget you.
It took you from me,

Surging through your veins undetected.

A surprise attacker, I’m sure.

It struck when you least anticipated it,

Shocking us all,


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