Death of a Flower – by Jessica C.

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Death of a Flower
by Jessica C.

Flower’s dust bears leaves of gray
As snow begins to fall
A solemn affair his death doth be
Though no one hears his call

He cries for the sun whose light has waned
To a scant imitation of a ray
When bright and warm it shall be again
Oh, how he longs for this day

For a day so distant, it is hard to hope
When winter’s not yet begun
The frost not bitten, the trees not bare
But autumn as good as gone

The music of nature has lowered an octave
The wind has altered its tune
Only the shadow of a bird’s merry song
Is heard in the light of the moon

Nature bleeds its river of color
Pigments disappear in the stream
The brilliance of yesterday not long past
Is diminished to that of a draem

A rotating earth shudders to a halt
Creatures become stagnant and still
Uneasy of tundra that is soon to approach
Despite their deepest will

Ignored too is the will of the flower
As the last petal abandons his mane
True love of the lovers cannot go on
With no gift to present the dame

His beauty lost, he cries once more
No breath of hope to be found
Flurries of ice claim the final kill
He is buried without a sound