Inheritance Games – book review

The Inheritance Games
Inheritance Games #1
by Jennifer Lynne Barnes
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Teenager, Avery Grambs, is living in her car when she gets the surprising news that she is an heiress. Billionaire Tobias Hawthorne – recently deceased – has apparently left most of his fortune to her. No one seems to know what the connection is – why Avery? And the Hawthorne family are pretty upset. The only condition on Avery’s inheritance is that she move into Hawthorne house (the sprawling family mansion) immediately, and live there for a year. Good thing Tobias also left her his security detail and his legal team, or Avery would be in over her head. She and Tobias’ grandsons are determined to figure out the puzzle he’s left them to solve amidst several attempts on Avery’s life. It’s a suspenseful and intriguing mystery that will keep readers flipping pages.

The attraction between Avery and a couple of the Hawthorne grandsons feels a little forced, and it sometimes takes Avery FOREVER to spot important clues (with much repetition), but overall it holds interest. There IS a connection between Avery and Tobias Hawthorne, and a cliffhanger ending will leave you wanting to know more.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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