It’s Like This, Cat – Read It and Rate It

It’s Like This, Cat
by Emily Neville
Historical Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Dave and his father don’t get along. At all. In fact, one of the only reasons that they keep their arguments to a smaller level (that still ends with Dave storming out of the house and running to a different house, Kate’s) is the fact that his mother gets asthma anytime she hears a more violent argument. Dave’s refuge, Kate’s house, is always full of the cats that she keeps. In fact, it’s at her house that Dave is introduced to a tomcat and decides to take him home, despite the fact that his father hates cats, and all pets for that matter. Cat, while not the focal point of the story, most definitely sets off the rest of the action that follows – including a robbery, a new friend or two, and a few surprises around the corner.

This book stood out because, first of all, it was a Newbery medal book and those are universally acknowledged as excellent books. Secondly, it was a fun and action-filled book that still taught important lessons while keeping the tone light-hearted and adding in a laugh of two. For grade school and middle school readers.

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