Spy Catchers of Maple Hill – Read It and Rate It

The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill by Megan Frazer Blakemore Adventure Historical Fiction Realistic Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book is absolutely amazing! Hazel Kaplansky loves detective work. But in a small town in Vermont, there isn’t usually a lot. Until Mr. Jones moves in. Set in the 1950s, this book revolves around the Cold War. When there is an investigation being conducted at a nearby factory, Hazel’s mind … Read more

Through Russian Snows – Read It and Rate It

Through Russian Snows by G.A. Henty Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book is about Napoleon’s retreat through Russia. There are two brothers, named Julian and Frank. Julian enlists with the French because he was captured by smugglers. Frank enlists with the English because his father was in the army. Will the two boys survive the numerous battles? This book will pull you in and have you wanting to … Read more

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Read It and Rate It

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Adventure Classic Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is about a young boy and an African American slave who escape town to the free states. Along the way they face many obstacles such as prejudice against color. Although this book has an older style of writing, I enjoyed it very much. I liked reading the various forms of … Read more

Cinders and Sapphires – Read It and Rate It

Cinders and Sapphires At Somerton #1 by Leila Rasheed Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) Ada, the main character, is coming back from India and along the way she meets a guy named Ravi.  She gets her first kiss and can’t stop thinking about him.  Until one day, he appears at her house for a party and the whole whirlwind romance continues. 

Les Miserables – Read It and Rate It

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Adventure Classic Historical Fiction Realistic Fiction Romance Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) An unforgettable classic that illustrates forgiveness, love, and betrayal. Ex-convict Jean Valjean influences the lives of many as the notorious war rages on. He learns the values of life and love and what it truly means to be forgiven and to love. 

Code Name Verity – Read It and Rate It

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein Historical Fiction Review #1 * * Stars (Just ok) I gave “Code Name Verity” two stars. I thought it was a boring read. I did not like Wein’s writing style as it did not make me want to continue reading. As it is set during World War II, I expected more action, but was disappointed in the lack of it. Despite all this, I continued reading because I … Read more

Once and Future Geek – Read It and Rate It

The Once and Future Geek The Camelot Code #1 by Mari Mancusi Adventure Fantasy Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) “The Once and Future Geek” is about a 14-year-old gamer girl named Sophie. Sophie accidentally gets sent back in time to the Medieval Ages and meets King Arthur himself. Except, Arthur is not a king yet, and does not know what the future has in store for him. When Arthur … Read more

Storm Descends – Read It and Rate It

The Storm Descends Fire and Steel #2 by Gerald N. Lund Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book was about the people of Germany right after World War I, and how they tried to get back on their feet after the turmoil they had experienced, and the trials they had gone through. It was difficult for many of the lower-class to even get food at that time. During that … Read more

These Shallow Graves – Read It and Rate It

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly Adventure Historical Fiction Mystery Romance Thriller Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) This book is like the 21st century Nancy Drew. It is an amazing murder mystery novel that has many twists and turns at the end. It is soooo good, because the characters have very good personalities and are very intricate. Also, you never see the ending coming. Well, you sort of do if you’re … Read more

Catch You Later, Traitor – Read It and Rate It

Catch You Later, Traitor by Avi Historical Fiction Review #1 * * * Stars (Pretty good) Pete is a normal boy until his father is convicted of being a Communist.  Pete wonders if this could possibly be true. Like all his favorite detectives, he models himself off them and sets out to reveal family secrets. His best friend, Kat, moves because her father doesn’t accept his father’s said Communistic behavior. Pete is set to reach … Read more

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