Robin Where Are You? By Harriet Ziefert, Art by Noah Woods

robin-where-are-youIn this picture book, a birdwatcher grandpa and his beginning birdwatcher granddaughter go birding together. Grandpa explains how to use binoculars to spot birds and helps his granddaughter find and identify the different species they encounter. Cleverly constructed foldouts allow readers to peer into trees, bushes, and brushy areas and discover the birds as the characters do. Descriptions of the birds, their songs, typical behavior, habitat information, and other facts (some are quite interesting and surprising – tufted titmice will pluck hair right off of live animals to line their nests, and a group of yellow warblers is known as a ‘stream’ or a ‘sweetness’). Even long-time birders may learn something new from reading this. Very accessible and sure to inspire a passion for birding in young readers. Love this book!

Reviewed by Karin Thogersen, YA Librarian

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