Robin Where Are You? – book review

Robin Where Are You? by Harriet Ziefert illustrations by Noah Woods Picture Book In this picture book, a birdwatcher grandpa and his beginning birdwatcher granddaughter go birding together. Grandpa explains how to use binoculars to spot birds and helps his granddaughter find and identify the different species they encounter. Cleverly constructed foldouts allow readers to peer into trees, bushes, and brushy areas and discover the birds as the characters do. Descriptions of the birds, their … Read more

Starlight Goes to Town – book review

Starlight Goes to Town by Harry Allard illustrations by George Booth Picture Book * * * * Stars (Great!) Starlight the chicken has always dreamed of being a high fashion model in Milan, Italy, but she’s stuck in rural Tennessee. After numerous complaints she is visited by her chicken fairy godmother who tells her how to get what she wants – all she needs to do is wish hard and lay an egg. Starlight hatches … Read more