Space Boy (series) – book review

Space Boy (series)
by Stephen McCranie
Graphic Novel
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction
* * * * * Stars (Amazing)

When Amy’s father loses his job at the mine, the family is forced to leave the mining colony and return to Earth – a journey that will require them to be cryogenically frozen (so they will not age) and will take 30 years. By the time they arrive, Amy’s best friend Jemma will be all grown up. After they are unfrozen, the family has to adjust to “normal” life on Earth (there’s physical therapy and classes to learn about what the Earth is like and what has changed while they were frozen. Eventually, they move to their own house and Amy starts attending school. She makes friends easily and quickly – the other teens find her both interesting and charming (her off-world origins are especially fascinating, but she’s also just a really sweet person). In the midst of it all, Amy notices a boy at school who rarely interacts with other people and seems to spend most of his time skipping classes. He intrigues her especially because he has no discernible “flavor” (Amy experiences everyone as having unique tastes/flavors – something only she can sense about them). She becomes determined to find out more about him despite warnings from her new friends.

An intriguing beginning to this science-fiction series (that reads a lot like realistic fiction with futuristic trappings). I devoured the first 6 books in a couple of days! Who is this mysterious Space Boy?

Books 1-6 expand on the mystery surrounding Oliver/Space Boy and Amy’s evolving friendship with him, but also include normal teen things like joining clubs, the Homecoming dance, shopping, hanging out with friends, and a little family drama. Amy also renews her friendship with Jemma – through time and space – which is both wonderful and a little bit weird now that there’s a 30-year age difference.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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