We’re Now Fine Free!

Library users will no longer pay fines for returning materials after their due date!

If you need a few extra days to finish that book, no problem! Didn’t quite finish that last disk of a TV Series you’re catching up on? No worries – keep it a few more days.

You will still see a due date on your receipt when you borrow items, and that’s because yes, we do want them back. Everyone still needs to return items and keep them in good condition for the next borrower. Previous overdue fines will be waived. Other fees such as fees for lost or damaged items will not be waived.

Please note these important changes to our Check-Out Policy:

  • You will still get reminder notices when an item is due for return to the library
  • If something is more than 2 weeks overdue, you will be unable to check out or use digital services until the item is returned
  • If an item is more than 45 days past due, your library card account will be billed the replacement cost for your item. At this time a nonrefundable $9 fee may be assessed.You may either return the item or pay the bill to replace it.
  • We will still charge for lost or damaged items, so please take care of them
  • If you locate a lost item within 30 days after paying to replace it, you may receive a refund

These steps ensure that everyone still returns their items in a (somewhat) timely manner, and other people will have access to them.

We look forward to a more seamless experience and serving you with no more overdue fines!


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