Eye Make (Summer 2020) Gallery

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website builders Participants in the library’s teen and adult summer reading challenge have been busy creating! Check out this gallery of crafts, art, and other projects submitted as part of the Eye Spy Summer Reading Challenge 2020!

CreativeBug Courses recommended by participants:
“I watched ‘Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms.’ This was a very fun project!”
“Everyday Sketching: 31 Still Life Prompts”
“I watched and learned about Stamped and Embossed Holiday Gift Tags. Last year I made about half of my Christmas gifts so it would be awesome to have homemade tags as well!”
“Introduction to drawing: learning to make lines”
“Quilting 101”
“Planners 101”
“Layering Vinyl with the Cricut Maker: 5/31/18”
“Free-Motion Quilting Tips and Tricks”
“Watercolor lettering”
“Mastering Chocolate At Home by Mark Tilling”
“How to Make a Stop Motion Video”
“Knitted Seed Stitch Slippers”
“Cricut Crafts: Layering Iron-On Vinyl”
“Watercolor Illustration”
“Painting Abstract Floral Planner”
“Create a Mixed-Paper Sketchbook”
“Suminagashi Ink Marbling”
“Landscape Watercolor Painting: Working from Photos” (Kristy Rice)
“Hand-rolled Truffles” (Mark Tilling)
“DIY Tiger Mask”
“Painted Rocks”
“Crocheted Sloth”
“Bullet Journaling”
“Cake/Brownie Icing – How to Write on Cakes” (Wilton)

Projects that participants tried:
“Made a leather tool pouch”
“Made a small dwarf face with whittling”
“How to make a mask”
“painted rocks”
“My nanny kid and I cut open glowsticks and added the juice and a lot of glitter to a big pickle jar. She put in her room as a night light.”
“Knit Dish Cloths”
“DIY Calendar Planner”
“A still life sketch of an apple with different size pencils and different shading techniques.”
“I tried to make a tray out of clay.”
“I tried to use calligraphy to make a quote using hand lettering.”
“How to make soap”
“Balloon arch”
“Chalk paint with the kiddos”
“Ice Cream Making video”
“Painted rocks with the kids”
“Paper windmill”
“Dog bone cutting board”
“I made a Four Nado shirt for my niece!”
“I had a saucer chair in my room for as long as I can remember and it’s been ripping slowly over the years, so I decided to fix it up. I ripped off the fabric, painted the frame, then used macrame knots on ropes to turn it into a hammock chair!”
“Painted a mural in my brother’s room.”
“I made an end table for my ‘reading’ chair with my dad.”