What the Dog Said – Read It and Rate It

What the Dog Said
by Randi Reisfeld
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
“What the Dog Said” is an edge of your seat and heartwarming story. Middle school student Grace Abernathy is speechless when her police officer father is killed. Before shew as an A-student, but after her dad died she started failing, losing weight, and not interacting with her friends and family. Her sister, Regan, after a year, is not as severely affected. Regan wants to get into a good college and she thought training a service dog would look good on her application. When they arrive at the pound she meets Rex. There is something different about him than most other dogs. He talks. Of course, the burden has fallen on Grace to go to the training class. She nearly faints when she sees who is at the class. Will Rex be able to help? Maybe Grace should listen to what he has to say. Rex, a mutt, trying to solve a murder mystery?

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