Whatever After: If the Shoe Fits – Read It and Rate It

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If the Shoe Fits
Whatever After #2
by Sarah Mlynowski

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
When Abby and Jonah knock on the mirror (again!), this time they fall into Cinderella’s story!!! And when they are trying to help Cinderella find some kind of job to get out of her evil stepmother’s house, they try cleaning (she hates cleaning). That doesn’t work. They try sewing (she’s not very good at sewing). That doesn’t work. But then, they try baking, and baking works!!! When they bake something new in her kingdom, called “crownies” (brownies), everybody loves them! When she has enough money to make a little shop for baking and to live upstairs, she finally has her happily every after!!!