Whatever After: Fairest of All – Read It and Rate It

Fairest of All
Whatever After #1
by Sarah Mlynowski

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Abby, a girl who wants to be a judge when she grows up, has just moved!!! New school, new friends, and new everything! During nighttime when she finds her brother knocking at a giant mirror in the basement, she finds the purple mirror hissing! (It turned purple and then it sucks Abby and Jonah in!!!) When they find out they’re in Snow White’s fairytale, but they accidentally mess up her story, they have to fix it. When they finally do fix it, it’s not exactly the same in the end, but Snow still gets her prince and her happily ever after! And Abby and Jonah go back home and don’t change the story for anyone else!!!

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