When Dimple Met Rishi – book review

When Dimple Met Rishi
by Sandhya Menon
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Dimple is a career-focused girl who is thrilled when her parents agree to send her to Insomnia Con – a 6-week web-app development program/competition where she’ll have the chance to compete for the chance to pitch her ideas to her inspiration, Jenny Lindt.  Unbeknownst to Dimple, her parents are using this opportunity to introduce their daughter to a potential suitor/son-in-law – Rishi – who will also be attending the con.  When Dimple meets Rishi, sparks fly (or at least iced coffees), though not in the way their families are hoping.  But, when the two are paired up for the competition, Dimple’s ideas and coding knowhow are a perfect match for Rishi’s artistic designs – a winning combination. Rishi appreciates Dimples fiery spirit, but Dimple is definitely NOT on board with this particular cultural tradition (arranged marriages), and is determined to resist every step of the way.  Her heart, however, has other ideas.  This is a fun, smart, romantic romp with colorful characters facing different challenges that they must overcome in order to be true to themselves.  It would make a great Bollywood film!

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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