Who Put This Song On? – book review

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Who Put This Song On?
by Morgan Parker
Realistic Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

After a suicidal episode, teen Morgan Parker starts receiving therapy and eventually medication to help her with her depression. There are a lot of things in her life, though, that are frustrating – her very fancy, but restrictive high school (where she’s one of the few Black people), friendships (after losing her best friend to a Relationship, she’s starting over with different friends), family (does anyone really understand what it’s like to be her?), the way that everyone seems to just follow the path that’s in front of them. Morgan doesn’t know what her path is, but she’s determined to find out. Meanwhile, she’s got to wrestle with her impossible self – someone even she can’t stand sometimes – asking the question, “Why am I like this?” over and over again. Morgan is funny as well as frustrating and her experiences are definitely relatable. Readers will be rooting for her. This is based on some of the author’s own experiences. She shares her own happily ever after story in an author’s note.

Reviewed by YA Librarian