Across the Green Grass Fields – book review

Across the Green Grass Fields
Wayward Children #6
Seanine McGuire
Adult Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

When her BFF betrays her, Regan runs away and discovers a door into another world. She finds herself in the Hooflands, guest of a group of all-female centaur unicorn herders. They tell her she’s going to save their world, but Regan has no idea how or what to do. At first she wants to go home and she always feels a little sad about what her parents might be feeling or doing in her absence, but the doorway she came through has disappeared, and she makes her peace with that and finds a place in her new life. The centaurs give Regan the time and space she needs (before she has to go to meet their queen and fulfill her destiny), even going into hiding after Regan is briefly kidnapped. The herd becomes her family and their world becomes her own. Although Regan doesn’t believe in destiny, she does accept her responsibility and is committed to doing whatever is in her power to help the people and place she has come to love. An all too brief glimpse of another world that’s just beginning to make sense and delight when it is all too quickly whisked away. For those who are looking for other Narnias to explore.

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