Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception – Read It and Rate It

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Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Artemis Fowl #4
by Eoin Colfer

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Artemis Fowl returns after getting a memory wipe and forgetting everything. Now he must help LEP defeat one of their most dangerous nemeses yet, Opal Kabal, the only person who could be smarter than Artemis Fowl  I liked it because it has lots of adventure and thinking.

Review # 2
* * * * Stars (Great!)
I liked this book because it was a great book. The plot is that Opal Kobi is trying to take over the world and use a huge iron ore to sink down in the earth to reveal a new race. So Artemis must stop her. He does and Opal goes to jail.