Ghost in the Tokaido Inn – book review

The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn by Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler Historical Fiction Juvenile Fiction Mystery * * * * Stars (Great!) Seikei is the son of a merchant in ancient Japan, but he longs to escape his current station and become a noble samurai – one of the knights of Japan. He gets his chance when he notices a mysterious figure in the dark while he and his father are staying at an inn. … Read more

Savvy – book review

Savvy by Ingrid Law Fantasy * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) In the Beaumont family, when your 13th birthday rolls around you discover what your “savvy” is. Having a savvy is a lot like having a special skill or talent, except that there’s no way to tell what your savvy is going to be until it shows itself. Like Mibs’ brother Fish, who found that his savvy can make storms and hurricanes blow up … Read more