Camp Spirit – book review

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Camp Spirit
Axelle Lenoir
Graphic Novel
Realistic Fiction

It’s 1994 and Elodie is being shipped off to summer camp (in Canada) to be a counselor, so she can make some money for college. After her mom abandons her, Elodie has to figure out how to adapt to camp life – looking after her wild redheaded charges, dealing with shared staff bathrooms, making peace with nature (she’s more of an urban girl), and navigating her relationships with the other counselors (she knows most of them from school, but they aren’t exactly friends). After a difficult week, Elodie finds her groove. Her kids think she’s amazing and she and Catherine (another counselor) are becoming close. But there’s something really weird about the camp director (the chief) that goes beyond his goofy vibe and he’s got Elodie concerned. Is it all in her head, or is something evil lurking in the forest? This has a little bit of everything – mystery, romance, supernatural elements, humor – all in a great summer camp setting. Elodie’s grunge look, and long-suffering attitude feel very familiar (especially for those who survived and thrived during the 90s), and the obnoxious girls she’s saddled with are a hoot. A nice blend of summer fun and spookiness.

Reviewed by YA Librarian