Volunteens – Virtual Opportunities

Hi Volunteens! This is where you can find out about our current virtual opportunities. If you are not a Volunteen, you can fill out an application here. Virtual Opportunities: Volunteens Book Reviews Volunteens New Library Survey

Volunteens New Library Survey

You have reached the Volunteens New Library Survey. If you are not a Volunteen, you can fill out an application here. Take the New Library Survey for volunteer credit – enter your responses below, and keep track of the time it takes you to complete the survey (you’ll enter this at the end). Thanks for your assistance!

Reimagined Masterpieces VOLUNTEENS

This July we are having a contest for teens (in grades 6-12) to recreate a famous artwork using props from home. We need examples! All you have to do is choose a masterpiece, recreate it with things you have around your house (people and pets can be included!). Then, submit a photo (or link to a photo) of the original masterpiece + one of your recreation using the form below. We’ll share the examples in … Read more

Volunteens Book Reviews

This submission form is for Volunteens book reviews. If you are not a Volunteen, you can fill out an application here. Review a book for volunteer credit! Use the form below to submit your review.


The Huntley Area Public Library is offering some in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities for youth in grades 6-12. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteens application below. (Or print out an application here.) After your application is reviewed, you will receive more information about volunteer opportunities. Thank you for your interest! NOTE: We have limited in-person volunteer opportunities. In-person volunteer projects may include surveys, book reviews, crafts, collection projects, cleaning, assistance … Read more